works by Berenice
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2003 Scranton University, PA
2001 Clayton-Liberatore Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
2001 Women Artists Series Solo Show: Rutgers University, NJ
2000 Blue Heron Arts Center, NY, NY
1999 Emanuel Gallery, Great Neck, NY
1996 Nabi Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, The Underwater Series
1996 Artopia Gallery, NYC (10 Year Retrospective)
1994 Millenium Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1990 Dome Gallery, Soho, NYC
1989 Museum of the South, Mobile, Alabama
1989 Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
1988 Pensacola Museum of Art, Florida
1988 Dome Gallery, NYC
1988 Scranton University, Pennsylvania
1988 Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1987 Installation: Bay Street Club, Sag Harbor, NY
1987 Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1986 Bologna-Landi Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1984 Anita Shapolsky Gallery, Soho, NYC
1984 Bologna-Landi Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1983 Adagio Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1982 Sordoni Gallery, Wilkes College, Pennsylvania
1980 Soho Center for Visual Artists, NYC
1976 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1975 Everhart Museum, Pennsylvania
1972 Keystone College, Pennsylvania
1969 Wilkes College, Pennsylvania
1962,59,57 Brata Gallery, NYC
1955 City Center, NYC

2004 Guild Hall Museum, "On the Book"
2001 The Museum at StonyBrook, Long Island morning/noon/night
1994 Guild Hall Museum, “Contemporary Long Island Painting”
1993 Thomas Art Center, Gainesville, FLA., “Sacred Places”
1990 Heckscher Museum, “Long Island Landscape Ptg in the 20th C” in conjunction with the publication of the book by the same name by Ronald Pisano
1990 Guild Hall Museum, Spiga Gallery
1986 Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hempstead, “Artists of the Hamptons”
1985 Aldrich Museum, Connecticut, “Review 1980-85”
1985 Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, “Artists of the South Fork”
1984 Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, “New Acquisitions”
1981 Aldrich Museum, Connecticut, “New Acquisitions”
1981 Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, “Winterscape”
1976-99 Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, “Artists of the Springs Invitational”
1976 Allentown Museum, Pennsylvania
1975 Roberson Museum, New York
1973 Spoleto Festival, Italy
1972 Vienna Print Biennale, Austria
1977,70,68 Everhart Museum, Pennsylvania
1960 Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, Japan
1957 Whitney Museum, NYC “Watercolor Annual”
1957 Library of Congress, Wash., DC, “National Print Exhibition”
1954 Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan

2004 Studio 18 Gallery, Tribeca, NY
1999 Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College (CUNY) NY, NY
1999 Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY (“Think Small Show}
1996 Rathbone Gallery, Albany, NDA Selections
1995 Omni Gallery, Nassau County, Selected Drawings from the NDA
1994 Southampton College
1993, 99 Gillman Gallery, Miami, “Bookart”
1991 Art Collective, NYC
1989,90 Dome Gallery, Soho, NYC
1986-90 Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1981-99 Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami
1985-88 Anita Shapolsky Gallery, Soho, NYC
1983-85 Bologna-Landi Gallery, East Hampton, NY
1981-83 Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1981 Loft Gallery, Southampton, NY
1980-1999 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1978-79 Ianuzzi Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
1978,81 N.E. Pennsylvania Invitational Traveling Exhibition
1978 10th Street Artists, Soho Co-op Galleries, NYC
1976 Rockefeller Gallery, SUNY -- National Print Show
1973 Plinio il Giovane, Spoleto, Italy
1972 Primo Piano Gallery, Rome, Italy
1971-2 Rubiner Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
1971 Robert Paul Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1965 Creuze Gallery, Paris, France
1960 Proteo Gallery, Mexico City
1958-68 New York Galleries: Brata, Camino, Tanager, Nonegon, Phoenix, Artists, Marino, D’Aenle

AWARDS    [back to top]
2001 The Kittredge Fund Foundation Grant
2000 Grrant from Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation
2000 Residency: Virginia Center for Creative Art
1987 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
1986 Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
1976 Everhart Museum, PA, Purchase Prize
1975 Roberson Museum, NY, Juror’s Award
1955 City Center, NYC Award Exhibition

COMMISSIONS   [back to top]
1986 Curator: “The Transforming Landscape”, for WCA, NYC
1984 Poster Design: Planned Parenthood of PA
1980-81 Curator: OIA sponsored traveling print show, “Artists Who Make Prints”
1976-77 Cover Design for NE Pennsylvania Philharmonic season program
1977 Mural: (4x32 feet), Community Medical Center Hospital, Pennsylvania
1971 Mural: (9x50 feet), Percy Brown, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton Southampton Hospital, NY
Everhart Museum, Pennsylvania Bank of New York, Intl. Banking Center, Miami
Aldrich Museum, Connecticut
Michael DeSantis Wyoming Natl Bank, Dallas & Kingston,PA
General Instrument
Library of Congress, Washington, DC BHF Bank, New York & Frankfurt, Germany
Oppenheimer Company, NYC Ciga Corp., Grand Bay Hotel, Miami
Best Corporation, Virginia CUNY (City College of New York)
Ivan Chermayoff, NYC The Musueum at StonyBrook