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Tick-Island Genesis Diptych , 1992
Acrylic on Canvas 68X120 inches

What first struck me was that the photo was entirely different from my vision - in tone, value, in psychological impact - in a word it just wasn’t BLACK. Although it helped to remind me of certain reflective qualities which was useful in the painting, it had very little to do with my months of investigation in painting.

It was, however, a fascinating photo -- which seemed to relate to several other photographs I had taken that year-- and earlier photos also. I discovered that for years I had been searching for reflections in water the confused one’s reading of spatial reality. Often the water reflections had a greater clarity than the earth growth.

I had been delighted several years ago when I noticed that I usually held the photos I took of swamps upside down. In swamps the blue is always at the bottom -- as a reflection. This discovery fit very nicely with my use of disparate space in my painting, which I use to come closer to the way we experience nature.

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