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Li River Splash Folded Aluminum Tabletop 1994
Acrylic 12X28 inches

I am not an expert on Asian art. I do know that I respond - on a deep gut level - to certain Chines painters like Tun Ch’i-Ch’and and Shih-t’ao. And I have always felt close to the Japanese Zen painters, as well as Sesshu and Hokusai. The calligraphy of both countries has always reached me. Even though I understand neither Chinese nor Japanese, somehow the poetry comes through in calligraphy.

This is not a surface recognition. It is not intellectual. The work itself makes me accept it in a Tao manner. It is.

So I will continue preparing myself for painting every morning by doing Tai-ch’i in my studio, and I will leave room for the intuitive self to continue making a synthesis in my work, a natural way to paint being in nature.

Berenice D'Vorzon