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Li River Overhang Hinged Aluminum Screen 1994
Acrylic Enamel 60X120 inches

I have recently discovered through comments from historians, curators, critics and dealers in Asian art that in my work, I am making a synthesis of East/West attitudes toward painting.

To be honest, this is not a totally new idea to me. I have always been attracted to Eastern philosophy and art forms. As a person living in a world which has become almost instantaneously reachable from all corners, I have felt that anything that helped me to state my ideas could be used. Throughout my painting career I have found most Western notions of space on the two-dimensional surface limiting, and have therefore used many different concepts of space on one surface.

Since I am more interested in painting an experience of being in nature, rather than a depiction of landscape, the space on my canvases reflect this attitude. In addition to using non-western space concepts, the frequent use of the diptych and triptych forms in my work are other methods of painting experiential space.

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