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Arktikos Series Corridor 1990
Acrylic On Canvas 40X50 inches

In the early 1990’s the focus in my work has recently moved away from a concentration on the primal southern swamps of the United States, where I found the elements of life, death, birth, spatial disorientation, peace, terror, and both a sense of recognition and the fear of loss in these days of ecological crisis.

The new work dealt with life elements in an arctic environment. I use Nature as Metaphor and in this context, ice suggests a suspension of life, but also a possible thawing and rebirth.

To me, the life-teeming swamp and the impenetrable arctic landscape both have a sense of hidden life. And it is the unseen, but the experienced images of these landscapes that I am painting.

Since dichotomies, juxtapositions, metamorphoses, are also important to me, I often work in the diptych form. This permits me to play even further with the spatial disorientations that we experience in nature as well as exploring space on the two-dimensional surface.

Berenice D'Vorzon