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Coco Plantation Ghost Stories 1997
Printed on Rag Paper, 8x10 inches

As in Asian art, the viewer is both inside and outside my work at the same time. Environmental concerns are also part of the work (whether paintings or prints) which is especially pertinent in these days of ecological crisis. As a result I often photograph and sketch when I visit or work directly from nature around the world.

As a result of the response to the photographs taken (which reviewers have said are just as abstract as my paintings ) I felt I had to use them in a new way. In the mid 90’s I bought a computer (never having used one before), dropped in Photoshop, had many of my photographs put on photo CD’s, sat down and began making prints from the photographs. Having been a printmaker (running a printshop and teaching printmaking) it felt natural, just another medium to explore. Interestingly, this process began to interact with the paintings I was working on, and also vice versa. It seemed an organic continuum. And continues to be so. I need to stress that it is our biological and spiritual connection to nature that I am addressing in all my work.

I print on archival rag printmaking paper and the prints are as permanenet as any watercolor.

Berenice D'Vorzon